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Robert F. (Bob) Butler

Professor of Environmental Science

Office: Romanaggi Room 307


Phone: 503-943-7780

University of Portland Classes:
    ENV 110 Earth Systems Science
    ENV 111 Natural Hazards of the Pacific Northwest
    ENV 162 Introduction to Oceanography

Cascadia EarthScope Earthquake and Tsunami Education Program Web Site

Paleomagnetism Textbook PDFs

CV and Publications List

Earth Science Education Resources

Cascadia EarthScope Earthquake and Tsunami Education Program (CEETEP)  Through a grant from the EarthScope Program of the National Science Foundation, CEETEP offers four-day workshops to foster community engagement of earthquake science and preparedness, and to encourage collaboration and exchange between formal and informal coastal educators.  Each CEETEP workshop includes K-12 teachers, park and museum interpreters, and emergency management educators from coastal areas.  Through a problem-solving approach to subduction zone geology, participants learn how: 1) geoscientists developed our current understanding of Pacific Northwest plate tectonics, earthquakes, and tsunamis; 2) EarthScope is advancing knowledge about the active Earth in Washington, Oregon, and California; and 3) collaboration on education, interpretation, and preparedness makes coastal communities more resilient to earthquake and tsunami hazards.  Three days of classroom and interpretive activities on Pacific Northwest geology and EarthScope science are complemented by a field day investigating Cascadia earthquakes and tsunamis, and visits to seismic and GPS installations.

IRIS Recent Earthquakes Teachable Moments Bob Butler works with Tammy Bravo and Jenda Johnson, both with IRIS Education and Outreach, on earthquake notices for Earth Science educators. These notices are "Teachable Moments" that provide a short summary of major earthquakes that can be used by educators to incorporate discussions of earthquakes in the news and seismic hazards into their classrooms. An earthquake notice PDF is developed within 12 hours of any M7+ earthquake worldwide.  For earthquakes that have substantial human impact, a five-to-twelve-slide PowerPoint presentation and a QuickTime animation of seismic wave paths are developed within 24 hours.  


Earth Science Education Links This PDF contains links to Earth Science Education sites that Bob Butler recommends for K-12 teachers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Browse for lesson plans, images, animations, and other educational resources.