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Nicaragua 2011


Here's what past participants said about the Nicaragua Immersion:

""I have a whole new perspective on community. I saw a really strong spirit in the Nicaraguan people. Seeing their strength and appreciation for life despite all their struggles- that was really inspiring."

"Before this trip I was not politically aware, but going on this trip has opened my eyes. It has motivated me to be more aware and keep updated on what's going on in the world."

"I was really hit by all the ways decisions made in the U.S. affect Nicaragua. Our policies span so many different aspects of life down there ... consumerism ... immigration ..."


Follow the 2011 Nica Team as they blog their reflections on their adventure below.  View the 2010 blog at NICARAGUAPLUNGE.BLOGSPOT.COM .


The Final Chapter

 Well, the last full day as a group is here and we have spent it hanging out at Monkey Hut. This morning we did some 'action planning' and now people are swimming, reading, writing letters, and just enjoying our final moments together. This afternoon we head back to Managua to stay a night at CEPAD where we will finish our reflections and have some closing ceremonies. The group that is returning to Portland should be landing at about 8:00 pm (PST) tomorrow, May 31st. The rest of the group, those that are going to Costa Rica, head to Samara tomorrow morning and will return to Portland on June 5th. 

This trip has been quite thorough, involved, and extensive, and we again want to thank you all for taking the time to read our blog (think it's Pulitzer material?) and taking time to listen to what we have to say. One final request is; the next time you see that loved one of yours who was on the trip, give them time to respond to the question of, "How was it?" because the answer you will receive, while probably lengthy, is one that we are trying to share. This act of sharing is part of our 'action plan' and we now feel that we collectively hold responsibility for the stories that we have heard and the people's lives that we encroached on during our stay. While we will work to hold each other accountable, we also feel the need to expand the consciousness of those among us, and demonstrate what we witnessed. Each of us saw the trip through a different lens; the lens of a particular major, religion, family background, class, etc. and the diversity of these lenses is hugely significant and can provide a much more substantial shared experience and collective story than if just one of us had come. 

Please continue to wish us safe travels and peace among the group as we make our final journeys home. 

Thanks again to all of your emotional, fiscal, and physical support during these last 7 months - we greatly appreciate it.

"Si la patria es pequena, uno grande la suena." -Ruben Dario

"If the country is small, one dreams it big." - Ruben Dario

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