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Nicaragua 2011


Here's what past participants said about the Nicaragua Immersion:

""I have a whole new perspective on community. I saw a really strong spirit in the Nicaraguan people. Seeing their strength and appreciation for life despite all their struggles- that was really inspiring."

"Before this trip I was not politically aware, but going on this trip has opened my eyes. It has motivated me to be more aware and keep updated on what's going on in the world."

"I was really hit by all the ways decisions made in the U.S. affect Nicaragua. Our policies span so many different aspects of life down there ... consumerism ... immigration ..."


Follow the 2011 Nica Team as they blog their reflections on their adventure below.  View the 2010 blog at NICARAGUAPLUNGE.BLOGSPOT.COM .


Second Work Day!

 M & M here! (which is Maddie Justin or MJ now *because we have 3 Maddie's with us* and Maddie Kiely) 

and well, Madie P is here as well and says hello to all!

*(MJ)* yesterday we had a wonderfully beautiful day off! we spent the day at Esperanza Verde which is a ecotourist coffee plantation in the middle of the forest of Matagulpa. therefore, SUPER AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! we all did a hike along the blue trail finishing with a optional swim in the waterfall! only a select few participated in the dip, but I was one and it was wonderful! we then returned for a delicious salad with real greens and arugala with the main dish of rice and curry. following we had a delightful time of CHOICE! NO SCHEDULE but to be in the cars by 4! so CHOICE was amazing! no having to be different places we all appreciated i am pretty sure! so some lounged and chatted and hung in hammocks or sat at lookouts or i was in a small group (of Pat, Madie P, Drew, Joe Starzl and Carolyn) who went on a second hike! the RED trail! this consisted of A LOT of up hill climbs with an isolated school tucked amongst the green as well as a creek we passed over. all in all it was fantastic!! 

 we had our second day of work out at the work site where we are helping to lay brick with mortar for walls of a new 3 room school house in el campo outside of San Ramon. it is a great time to be able to work with nicaraguans to build what they want and not what we are making for them but instead with them! sure they may laugh at us, however sometimes even with us, it is all a good time! we're about half way up the walls on the back side of the school and one side (okay, that does not make it sound like a lot but it is comin'!)

So much has been absorbed since we've been here so i apologize for the briefness it's a lot to take in and then write in words. 

~to the Tellez family, Sara is very much alive!~


So Maddie Kiely will add in about the second half of today tomorrow as we are quite burned out. 


Love to all!