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Travel to the US/Mexico Border on Spring Break to learn about immigration, the global economy, environmental and human rights issues. Visit social service agencies, local farmers, legislators, and Border Patrol to examine all sides of immigration issues.  The trip may include service projects and home stays with working-class Mexican families.   


Here is a Youtube clip of the 2010 plunge

Border Plunge 2010 Blog

More Reflection

Going on the border plunge was definitely an eye opening experience for me.  The issues and politics surrounding border policy are way more complex than I could have ever imagined and I feel so much more informed now.  It was an emotionally challenging week, but an experience that I am so blessed to have had.  There is no perfect solution, but having met with the people we did and learning all we did, I feel that I have the ability to critically evaluate policies much more effectively than I did before.  I feel like I have an actual informed opinion and I am very inspired to continue learning more and working for justice.  Not only was this trip an incredible journey in learning, but it was also a week that I was able to connect with my peers on a very personal level.  I made some amazing friendships and I really got to know so many more people who are interested in pursuing justice.  For anyone considering applying for the Border Plunge, DO IT!  It was definitely a life changing experience that I will always treasure.

By Annie Stroup

My reflection on solidarity and community
My experience at the border was very significant for me in terms of learning and understanding the social justice issues that surround me everyday. I’ve realized how ignorant I used to be concerning the condition of other cultures in the world. During the trip, I had a great opportunity to learn, listen, and identify with migrants who are experiencing social injustice. I walked away with a million things on my mind. But one thing that stands out to me from all the rest, is that I can no longer stay ignorant and uninvolved. It is important to remain in solidarity with others, to understand the significant influence of small scale change in our communities, and to move forward with action.
Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the delay in posting. We had technical difficulties posting on a smart phone during the trip. Check back soon for more reflections from Border Plunge participants!

Arrival in Tucson

When we arrived in Tucson safe and sound around 10:30am, we were welcomed by the sunny warm weather, along with people from Borderlinks. Once we got to the borderlinks headquarters, we had a quick debrief and tour of the place. Afterwards, everone had a few hours to get settled in and ready for lunch. Soon enough, we were gathered in the kitchen eating, talking, and laughing. Right now it's 2:30pm and we are on our way to our first sight visit. So far thus trip has been great and it's only the first day! I can tell that time is going to fly by fast. I hope to take it all in and be as much service to others. Tara Benavente

On our way!
We are at the airport and the anticipation to get to the sun just keeps building! I'm so excited to go on this trip and and see everyone and learn so much about an issue that hits close to home. I just had a conversation with one of our participants about the reasons why people immigrate from different countries and people we encounter in our lives and the struggles they have gone through. It's amazing to see the passion for justice all of these students have. Can't wait to see what this trip will teach me about not only immigration, but also about myself. -Yaneira Romero (plunge coordinator)
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