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* denotes undergraduate co-author


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Tara Maginnis

Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Office/Academic Year: BC 264 (x8986)

Lab/Summer: SWI 128 (x7269)




Animal Behavior (Bio 347)

Marine Biology (Bio 338) and Lab (Bio 368)

Intro to Marine Biology (Bio 191/291)

Sexual Selection (Bio 388)

Entomology (Bio 391)

Evolution (Bio 453)





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Jeff Fang, Megan Gogal, Ryan Kain, Cassidy McCartney, Richard Parsons, Taylor Rudow, Clayton Steed, Deanna Williams, Jake Williams, Marci Witczak


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Katie Bates, Chris Delap, Steven King, Jeff Veon, Madelyn Voelker, Tai White-Toney


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Jordan Albrich, Ryan Atkins, Beth Bernards, Rachel Brauner,

Emma Larson, Tim Luethke, Kelsey Nevins, Matt Ortman


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Sara Bayer, Spencer Degerstedt, Elliot Frank, Lizz Hepp, Kate Huber,  

Masis Isikbay, Hailey Knettles, Amiana McEwen, Michael Pacholec,

John Varner, Eric Wilkman





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