The League has been an important place for students to share stories. Talking about personal experiences has helped male students find meaning and appropriate values for their lives. Following are statements from students about their experienc in the League:


Jamie Grimm, class of 2011:

At the beginning of my sophomore year the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) was merely the title of a movie starring Sean Connery. LXG was no more known to me than the personal agenda of Donald Trump. A friend introduced me to LXG and I joined blindly, not knowing the League's activities or agenda. To me at that time the League was only about social interaction. It was not until my sophomore year was over did I learn what the League represented.

My group developed exceedingly well around the core values. At first we began sharing, being open and truthful with one another about our thoughts. Then, with the openness created, trust grew, which in turn developed into brotherhood that led to a greater amount of openness. The cycle continued, bringing us closer with each meeting. With every meeting came a new person's story and with each story more experiences were shared and more lessons were learned. When leaving each meeting I felt a greater understanding for the person that shared the story. I also felt a greater general understanding of how my actions are seen by other people. With each meeting it became clearer to me what kind of person I would want to become.

Through its core values, the League provides a setting for men to grow. This growth as a person is the most important part of life. In fact, to me, to grow defines living. To continually strive to better oneself in every aspect of life is an admirable trait that I have always revered and constantly try to incorporate in my life. Through LXG I was able to experience the lessons learned by my fellow members and to incorporate those lessons and apply them to my life. The lessons learned in our bi-weekly group meetings cannot be lectured our taught by professors, they can only be experienced. 

The men that were selected at random and placed in the same group as me I now consider to be some of my closest friends on campus. Although we are all from different backgrounds and have different views on many aspects of life, we find common ground in our desire to grow and learn from each other's experiences. In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, we grow individually, we grow as brothers, and we grow as men.


Brock Vasconcellos, class of 2013

When I think of LXG, I think of community.  My small group is a community of men that are genuinely interested in the stories, experiences, and thoughts I have to share.  Its a place for me to let my guard down with gentlemen that are supportive and engaging.  LXG teaches me about fellowship among men, and in doing so it teaches me how to build lasting, meaningful relationships. 


Taylor Jones, class of 2012

When I first found LXG I was struggling with the my father's last few months fighting off cancer.  I had hidden my emotions and acted as a rock for my family and friends like most men in society today. It was nearing my time to be the man of the house, but I had no idea what that really meant.  What I discovered in LXG was a group of young men struggling to answer that question.  LXG has supported me through the good times and the bad, helped me to grow into a better man, and given me mentors and brothers that will stay with me for a lifetime.