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For our community service night in December, we are looking for donations to SafeHaven off Interstate. Bring any donations you wish to help support this worthy cause.
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Need more credits? Cannot figure out how many you need? Use the table to find out how many credits you need for the school year: Member New Initiate (as of Feb. 10) Undergraduate 10 for the year 5 Graduate 6 for the year 3 Need more credits? Here are more opportunities: • Shirley Loesch presents ‘How to Deal with Parents’ April 8th, 2010, at 7:00pm in Franz 06. One credit. • Webinar at http://www.kdp.org/communities/echapter.php on April 13 – 8 p.m. EST on the topic of ‘Entering the Hallowed Halls of Academia’ by Deborah L. Morowski and Antonio Castro. One credit when the form found our website is turned in. You will need your member ID. • Late opening days for your school district. These Professional Developments count as one credit each. Visit https://pilots.up.edu/web/kdp/3 to find the form to fill out to turn in. • Literacy based activities. Any literacy based activity, such as our Reading Fair or SMART, count as one credit. This also needs a form to be turned in. • Community service events, such as the Brother Andre Downtown Chapel, which aims to improve the lives of others. Each time you participate counts as one credit. • Our February Initiation counted as one credit if you attended or got initiated. • If you participated in two shifts at the Reading Fair, you earned two credits! Work parties also counted as credits. We would like to thank you members by inviting you to our member Appreciation Luncheon, April 18th at 12:00 in the Terrace Room. Thank you for all of your support and participation this school year. Appreciation gifts and graduation cords for graduating members will be given out at this time based on the credits received before the luncheon. Questions? Contact Katherine at millerk10@up.edu for more information.
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Need more event credits?
Community service counts towards your event credits. You just need to fill out a form. Contact Katherine at millerk10@up.edu for a form you can fill out.

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What can KDP do for you?
Tell us what you want to see, hear, and get out of KDP. It doesn't matter if you are a member or not, we would love to hear your suggestions.
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