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Fr. Beauchamp's Guidance Fr. Beauchamp's Guidance

University president, Fr. Bill Beauchamp, has charged Robin Anderson, Dean, Pamplin School of Business and the Franz Chair in Entrepreneurship, to put together an exploratory plan with a committee of leaders from within the university to investigate what it would mean for UP to have an Institute for leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As Fr. Bill notes, "We are in the business of developing strong, ethical leaders.  I'd like to better understand what an institute like this could bring to advance our students and this community."  The creation of the institute was included as part of the recently completed university strategic plan.  Dr. Anderson will be reviewing aspirant programs at other institutions as well as looking in-depth at what offerings currently exist at UP within these three categories.  It is expected that the planning process will last throughout the current academic year.

(Taken from the October 29, 2012 UpBeat, the weekly faculty and staff newsletter of the University of Portland.)
In the spring of 2013, the Sub-committee for Leadership plans to meet twice a month to continue to ensure the development of leadership competencies and to effectively match those competencies with existing programs, identify gaps in leadership training within current programs, and begin developing pilot programs. 
Below, you can see the work completed by the task force for leadership so far.

Fall 2011 Fall 2011

In the late summer and throughout the fall of 2011, Sandra Suran ('68), managing member of the eponymous Suran Group, a business consulting and management company, worked with a team of graduate business students to continue the planning process for the Institute for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation through a discussion of materials, review of external centers and institutes, and internal survey of programs and resources.

Their overall conclusion included several recommendations for future action, such as: involve as many people across campus as possible in the planning process, create a strong planning infrastructure, and assure a focus on how the establishment of the ILEI will impact students.

You can review the report and its supporting documents via the links below:

Phase II Report - Part I (Main Report)

Pase II Report - Part II (Supporting Documents)

Spring 2012 Spring 2012

The subcommittee for leadership was established following the recommendations from the Phase II report.  The committee includes faculty and staff from across campus, and you can see a listing of the members here.
The subcommittee met during the spring 2012 semester to discuss how leadership is defined, perceived, and taught at the University of Portland. To guide the conversation, the subcommittee asked three main questions: (1) what is? (2) what is missing? And, (3) what can be? You can review their In Progress Report (IPR) and support documents by exploring the links below:

Fall 2012 Fall 2012

The Sub-committee for Leadership resumed its regular meeting schedule during the fall semester of 2012.  Discussions centered around further examining the leadership activities on campus, creating a working definition for leadership, and establishing a vision for what leadership can do on campus based upon the inventory of existing programs. The IPR from the fall 2012 semester (link below) explains the following: (1) Where we have been over the last year, (2) The big opportunity and, (3) where we plan to go next semester.

Subcommittee for Leadership IPR - Fall 2012

Enclosure 1 - Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

Enclosure 2- Santa Clara Visit Notes

Enclosure 3 - DePaul University Visit Notes

Enclosure 4 - The Sullivan Leadership Award Notes