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The Truth About College Food.

Howdy! Well it's an absolutely fantastic early spring day here in Portland! The sun is out and whenever that happens,  it's like the stereotypes of college come to life. I kid you not, there is a guy playing the harmonica outside, people doing homework on blankets, and earlier there were two people throwing around the frisbee. Like I said, the stereotypes of college come to life, and I absolutely love it! Especially the harmonica player.

Alright, so I decided that this would be a good post to talk about food because I really have not talked about it yet, and it's an important factor! Bon Appetit is the company that serves our meals here, and it really is good food! As you can see, my favorite meal is grilled cheese, but I love all the food here. For breakfast, they typically serve the normal breakfast sides (eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, etc.) with either pancakes, french toast, or waffles. They also have fresh fruit, oatmeal, and a variety of other choices! Lunch and dinner consist of pasta, pizza, the salad bar, hamburgers, sandwiches, Mexican food, soup, and other delicious meals. And that's just the Commons. We also have The Anchor and The Cove which serve great food and also have coffee. 

There are four choices for the meal plan, which is based on points. Each food item has a different point value, and that is how you are "charged" for your food. There is a chart on the UP website that has a great description of how you might choose your meal plan. I would highly recommend using it because you certainly won't want too few, or too many points. The points are per semester, and there is an opportunity to change meal plans within the first couple weeks of each semester. 

Trust me when I say that food was a huge concern for me when choosing a college. I did not want to go hungry because of inedible foods, but UP has awesome meals. Sometimes there is nothing better than a hot slice of pizza after a hard day of classes. And a side salad of course. 

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Zoe Schmidt

Name: Zoƫ Schmidt

Class: Freshman

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: English


Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Activities: Reading, writing, hiking, watching football, fishing, snowmobiling, and hanging out with friends.


Favorite Professor: Dr. Pitzer and Dr. Kerssen-Griep

Favorite Class: Communication studies 101

Favorite Commons Meal: Grilled cheese with French fries and chocolate milk


Why I Chose UP: I chose UP because of the small campus and welcoming community. Also, everyone is so nice here! It doesn't hurt that the women's soccer team is totally amazing either.

Favorite Thing About UP: The campus. Especially in the spring time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.


Advice for Prospective Students: Make sure you visit campus and try to meet some professors and students. It will give you a real feel for just how close this campus is.


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