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Hey guys! Well as you can tell from my title, this past weekend was great! On Friday I made a trek to Fred Meyer with a friend for cookie ingredients and baked in my dorm. On Saturday, I went to the Saturday Market in downtown Portland! It was so fun! There were people everywhere, tons of yummy smelling food, and awesome things for sale. If you happen to be visiting campus on a weekend,  I would reccommend making a trip to the Saturday Market. You might even be lucky enough to see the piano-bike man. And finally today I spent the majority of the day indoors studying, but I did get to go for a run in the lovely sunshine, which was wonderful. 

Here's a snapshot of the Saturday Market along the Waterfront, like I said, lots of people!

As for this week, I have a lot of studying to do! I have three exams this week, and I get to schedule my classes on Tuesday! I'm really excited, even though it seems strange to already be planning for next year. I hope everyone has a great week!

Tip 8: Be sure to get off campus every now and then! Even a quick trip downtown clears your mind and allows you to focus on studying.

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Zoe Schmidt

Name: Zoƫ Schmidt

Class: Freshman

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: English


Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Activities: Reading, writing, hiking, watching football, fishing, snowmobiling, and hanging out with friends.


Favorite Professor: Dr. Pitzer and Dr. Kerssen-Griep

Favorite Class: Communication studies 101

Favorite Commons Meal: Grilled cheese with French fries and chocolate milk


Why I Chose UP: I chose UP because of the small campus and welcoming community. Also, everyone is so nice here! It doesn't hurt that the women's soccer team is totally amazing either.

Favorite Thing About UP: The campus. Especially in the spring time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.


Advice for Prospective Students: Make sure you visit campus and try to meet some professors and students. It will give you a real feel for just how close this campus is.


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