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Closing Thoughts

Hello everyone! Well, as the title suggests, this will be my final blog post. I've had so much fun blogging this year and telling you all about the happenings at UP! This week I've been almost living in the library; I'm excited to take my finals and enjoy my summer! I just have a few closing thoughts about this year, what I've learned, and what I find most important.

1. Come to UP with an open-mind. Whatever pre-judgements you may have, get rid of them and be open to new experiences. This will let you meet more people, enjoy more experiences, and have a ton of fun. Even extend it to your academics. If you know you have to take class that wasn't your first choice, have an open mind and remember the positives.

2. Hold onto old friends, but also give yourself some room. Personally, my best friend is halfway across the country and we don't see each other very much. There's a natural "growing apart" phase, but after we got past the change in our friendship we learned to adjust to the distance. It is also easier to make friends at UP if you aren't constantly attached to your phone, updating your friends on every little thing. Put aside the phone, and be with the people in your immediate vicinity.

3. Only bring necessitites to your dorm. If you find you need other things, Fred Meyer is about five minutes away.

4. Call someone once a week to just say hi, tell them about your week, or just listen. I find that I get so absorbed in college that I forget about the world out there. It is very helpful to be reminded of the bigger picture.

5. Bring some pictures from home.

6. Give yourself a lot of time to study for your first exam. Also, ask the professor the best way to study for their exams. They'll appreciate that you ask them and it will help you succeed!

7. If you've never heard of 8tracks.com, start listening to it.They have the greatest study playlists that helped me concentrate this year.

8. It's okay to be homesick or just plain sad at times. The important part is dealing with it effectively. If exercise helps you clear your mind, do that. If watching Hulu is your method of distraction, that's perfectly fine too.

9. It is not impossible to find a balance between studying, socializing, and sleep. Don't believe that myth that you can only pick two. It just takes practice.

10. Don't be afraid when you notice that college changes you. Whether you change your mind about big ideas, fashion, hobbies, or education; do not worry! It's completely natural and should happen.

I hope you all have a great summer and enjoy school, wherever you go! It's been a pleasure being your freshman blogger correspondent. If you find you have questions over the summer, do not hesitate to contact me! 


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Zoe Schmidt

Name: Zoƫ Schmidt

Class: Freshman

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: English


Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Activities: Reading, writing, hiking, watching football, fishing, snowmobiling, and hanging out with friends.


Favorite Professor: Dr. Pitzer and Dr. Kerssen-Griep

Favorite Class: Communication studies 101

Favorite Commons Meal: Grilled cheese with French fries and chocolate milk


Why I Chose UP: I chose UP because of the small campus and welcoming community. Also, everyone is so nice here! It doesn't hurt that the women's soccer team is totally amazing either.

Favorite Thing About UP: The campus. Especially in the spring time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.


Advice for Prospective Students: Make sure you visit campus and try to meet some professors and students. It will give you a real feel for just how close this campus is.


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