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Semester one: Check!

Hello again! I'm so glad that our new system is up because I have so much to share about the first semester, because as a freshman, it was overwhelming, yet awesome.

One thing I would say that definitely improved over the semester was my knowledge of Portland in general. I learned extensively about the public transportation system and through trial and error (I only got lost once!) I finally know my way around. As a freshman, I had to take a twelve week workshop class and I really enjoyed it because we learned a lot about the university in addition to the greater city of Portland. Portland really is an amazing city with so much to offer, the culture here changes around every street corner and the city always seems to be alive. I love it here!

The academic side of my semester could be compared to jumping into a water, not knowing how to swim, but eventually managing to feel the current and find my way. I took 18 credits last semester, 12 of which were core classes. I believe my experience was very similar to my fellow peers because for the first couple weeks we had no idea what we were doing, but tried our hardest to pretend we did. My first round of quizzes for my classes weren't so good, but I learned from my mistakes and improved dramatically. I realized that I was facing the same things as my peers when we were handed back our first quizzes, but as a group we learned to study the material correctly and as for me, I learned "how to really study." Dead week was exactly what I thought it would be and I learned to get to the library early because the seats fill up! Finals week was intimidating, but I made it through and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my Christmas Break. Needless to say, I've never enjoyed Christmas that much, in fact, the entire month felt like an amazing Christmas present. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love UP but we all needed a nice break!

My second semester has been excellent so far! I am once again taking 18 credits and when I'm not being puzzled over philosophy or getting over my fears in public speaking, I am really enjoying my life of independence. Recently the Campus Program Board put on the Dance of the Decades and while I was unfortunately not able to go, I spent the evening helping my friends get ready and seeing their amazing costumes. From the Facebook pictures, it looks like everyone had an awesome time and I am definitely going next year! 

I just have to say that I completely love UP and the people that go here, I know I made the right choice!

Tip 2: Go to your professor's office hours if you need help. I know it seems really intimidating and all, but they will most likely be happy to see you and more than happy to answer any questions you have because they want you to succeed!

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Zoe Schmidt

Name: Zoƫ Schmidt

Class: Freshman

Major: Organizational Communications

Minor: English


Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Activities: Reading, writing, hiking, watching football, fishing, snowmobiling, and hanging out with friends.


Favorite Professor: Dr. Pitzer and Dr. Kerssen-Griep

Favorite Class: Communication studies 101

Favorite Commons Meal: Grilled cheese with French fries and chocolate milk


Why I Chose UP: I chose UP because of the small campus and welcoming community. Also, everyone is so nice here! It doesn't hurt that the women's soccer team is totally amazing either.

Favorite Thing About UP: The campus. Especially in the spring time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.


Advice for Prospective Students: Make sure you visit campus and try to meet some professors and students. It will give you a real feel for just how close this campus is.


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