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EPIC Weekend

Last weekend could not have been better. Four amazing things happened within the course of just a few days. First, I turned in my capstone paper a.k.a. twenty six pages, six thousand plus words, and over eighty footnotes wrapped up with a little bow that allows me to graduate. This project has taken me the better part of four months to complete, so I am certainly glad to have conquered this battle!

Next, I was offered an internship at the UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME!! My parents are both midwest Catholics, so going to "Catholic Disneyland" is a big deal. I could not be more excited because I will get to live in community with the other Campus Ministry interns, lead retreats and campus ministry programming, attend lots of sporting events, and walk out my front door, look left, and see the Golden Dome. AHHH! I'm soo excited, I can barely contain myself.

Now this weekend had two epic events as well, the Rock and Worship Roadshow and the Timbers Game! First, the Roadshow is a big Christian concert tour that covers the country bringing the biggest names in Christian music all to one arena for a low price. For college students, its cheap-ness rocks! Because you pay your $10 at the door, there are no assigned seats, so you just wait in line. We got there about two hours before the doors even opened and we were only fifty feet away from the door! The group of us all hung out and chatted it up and tried to stay warm.

We finally got through the door and tried to get seats. Because we needed ten, we had to be pretty picky about our spots. I did not see any major rows available in the lower bowl, but in the level right above us, I found these comfy seats with not a lot of people, so I was zippin and dodgin all around the Rose Garden until we found the stairs to the club level. We raced to the best spot and sat down and we got some great seats. It was an amazing night of prayer and worship with my Campus Ministry folks.

Being a second semester senior, seeing my time on the Bluff slowly come to a close, I am feeling the need to gain all sorts of experiences before I leave. One of those being, a Timbers game. I went to games with my buddy Geoff a few times this summer and it rocked and I had a need to go again before I graduated. Conveniently, there was a game on Sunday and about fifteen Villans (guys from my dorm, Villa Maria) were going to the game, so I tagged along. We got to the stadium in time for game one and got to soak in some Portland sun while watching the game. After San Jose dominated Chivas, the Timbers took the field and the stadium started to erupt. The Timbers Army is a group of Timbers supporters who chant the entire game. They have a variety of chants like: "When I Root, I Root for the Timbers," "Bury Me in Timbers Green," and "We're Here for You Timbers!" It is so cool to see a stadium chant and move for their team. The Timbers won 1-0 against AIK from Sweden on a goal from Scottish League Star Kris Boyd making his TImbers debut. Even after the game, the entire army stayed to cheer on the Timbers. Then all the Villans hopped on the bus and trekked back to campus for a long night of studying.

This weekend defined what's important to me in college. While it is important to learn and study, I feel that you need to balance your life and make memories too. In ten years, I'll be remembering this EPIC weekend, and not the midterm week that followed it... Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, like my EPIC weekend, and this blog post. Back to the grind ladies and gents. This has been Zack Imfeld with my EPIC Weekend blog post, back to you in the studio! 

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Zack Imfeld

Name: Zack Imfeld

Class: Senior

Major: Theology

Minor: Catholic Studies


Hometown: Burbank,CA

Activities:  Student Body President, Catholic UP, Encounter with Christ Retreat, Villa Maria Drum Squad, Student Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences, and Villa Maria Hall Mass Musician.

Favorite Professor:  Dr. Dempsey (Theology)

Favorite Class:  Relationships and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition (Poorman)

Favorite Commons Meal:   Burger on a three seed bun with pepper jack cheese, bacon, fried onion strings, lettuce, dill pickles, red onion, jalapenos, and chipotle mayo.


Why I Chose UP:  I got off the plane and it felt like home. Also, I had an overnight visit in Villa Maria, they talked about the Drum Squad and I was hooked. Drums, screaming, chants, and kilts: it was perfect.

Favorite Thing About UP:   Our community. It is awesome to walk around and say hi to so many people.


Advice for Prospective Students:  Pick the campus that feels like home! Do not worry if the school has your major, a good football team, or great school colors: attend the school where YOU fit!

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