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Relay Time!


Well, blog audience, this might be the most tired you’ll ever see me. I’m not one to pull all-nighters, but I had to make an exception because we had Relay for Life at UP this weekend! Noah and I were captains of Team Bigfoot (don’t ask me why we chose that name!). Relay for Life is an event where teams raise money to fund cancer research and take turns walking around a track. Our event ran from 5pm on Friday until 8:30am on Saturday, and it was hard to get sleep with everyone camping out around the Chiles Center! So, I ended up getting only about 45 minutes of sleep. But that’s okay, because our team raised over $1,000! I’d say we kicked cancer’s butt!

Here's Katie and me around 2am, camping out in Chiles. I know, we're so beautiiful.

On Saturday after Relay was over, I could only squeeze in a few hours of sleep before I had to babysit. The girl I babysat was hilarious and we had a lot of fun, but I was quite exhausted when I got home! I was ready for bed by 8:30 on Saturday night. Niiiiice.

This morning, I went to see 12 UP students get confirmed. I loved the homily that the new Archbishop gave, and there was carrot cake at the reception afterwards… So I’d say it’s been a good day. I also finished my last physics homework EVER! Too bad my Statics course next semester will have a lot of physics, so I’m not really done with physics after all. We have one more week of classes and then FINALS! Then you’ll have to start calling me a sophomore.



This weekend was especially great; it’s not every day one gets the privilege of seeing Boys Like Girls in concert. We had Weekend on the Bluff, where tons of prospective students come to stay the night and enjoy lots of fun activities! My pre-frosh and I went to The Price is Right (unfortunately, neither of us won anything), and then attended the concert at the Chiles Center. It was the first time my pre-frosh visitor had been to a concert, and I think she had a lot of fun! The Harm, a band that has some UP seniors in it, opened for Boys Like Girls. I’ve seen The Harm before in concert; they were just as good the second time around! It was a lot of fun meeting all the prospective students and talking to them about deciding where to go for college.

Maybe now’s a good time to talk about why I came to UP! My sister Katy is a senior here, and I had been down to UP a lot during high school to visit her. I really liked the UP community. Since I was interested in Civil Engineering, I also sat in on a class here called “Structural Steel Design” (it was taught by Dr. Kuhn, who is one of my professors now!); although I didn’t understand everything that was going on in the class, I appreciated the small class size and I really enjoyed my visit.

Yesterday Katie and I ordered pizzas from Louie’s (a pizza place on Lombard) and had a bit of a pizza party with some friends. We also tried to bake cookies but they all got burnt… Is there anything more disappointing than burnt cookies?

A Rather Sporty Blog Entry


I joined an intramural softball team, hoping that I would have as much fun as my ultimate Frisbee intramural experience. We had our first game last week, and we won! I would say it was a great time except I struck out once…I don’t think anybody has ever done that before in intramural softball because the pitching is so slow. EMBARASSING!

On Friday, I went down to the Circuit Bouldering Gym to do some climbing with friends. I hadn’t climbed in awhile so I wasn’t too good, but it’s so much fun that you hardly even realize you’re getting an arm workout!

Yesterday Katie and I were UP sports fans. We went to a tennis match in the morning (our friend Jackson was playing a doubles match against Pepperdine), and then went straight to the baseball game vs. Gonzaga. Towards the end of the game, it started to rain, so Katie and I decided not to stick around for the next one. In the evening, we made a Funfetti cake with some friends and watched “Into the Wild.” I liked the movie so I’ll have to be sure to read the book soon. And the cake, of course, was delicious.

Today I don’t have much to do besides force myself to go running in the rain. I don’t have that much homework for once, so I’m planning a relaxing day with lots of reading!

It was Bound to Happen Eventually: The Book Discussion


I’m back from Easter break and it is crazy to think that next time I’ll go home, I’ll be done with freshman year. It seemed not too long ago I was meeting my first two friends, Katie and David, at orientation; now there’s only a month to go! Okay, I’ll stop reminiscing before my blog readers start to cry thinking about all the good memories...

Going home for break was great, as usual. I made my family go on an Easter hike, which they eventually admitted was a fabulous idea.  It was 70 degrees and sunny-beautiful outside so I even scored a farmer’s tan! On top of that, I ate a lot of chocolate to celebrate the end of lent. In fact, I ate so much chocolate that I could probably dedicate this entire blog to listing off every piece of chocolate/dessert I ate. I won’t, though.

Trees as far as the eye can see!

Yesterday, before I left home to go back to UP, I went to my favorite bookstore (Third Place Books!) to pick up some good reads. One of the books I bought was Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: an Introduction by J.D. Salinger (this is the one Salinger work I haven’t read. Don’t know why it took me so long to get around to buying it). This book, I observed, is a combination of two different novellas (like Franny and Zooey, for all you bookworms). I finished the first novella last night and I plan to read the second one tonight. So far, it's classic Salinger material. By that I mean hilarious commentary and lots of quoteable lines (yes, I’m pretty jazzed about it). The second book I got is titled Surely you’re Joking, Mr. Feynman by the 20th century physicist Richard Feynman. According to my source, Feynman is one of the most accessible physicists. In other words, he writes books that people like me can understand. I think the one I bought is filled with funny stories about his life. I’m rather excited to start reading that one too.

I just realized I wrote one of the longest paragraphs in my blogging career, and of course it was about books…

Eight Hours of March Madness = The Quintessential College Experience


Since there are six more days until I can eat dessert (Easter), I am really too excited to care about anything else. Thankfully I don’t have any exams this week, because I would probably fail them all…my thoughts have been consumed with chocolate bunnies, Reece’s peanut butter cups, coconut cream pies, and everything else that does not involve math or physics.

I bet my blog audience is excited for Easter just so I’ll stop complaining about lent. Yeah, I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty pessimistic about the whole thing. But I am also excited for Easter for other reasons. It’ll be fun to go home to see my family during the 4 days of break, and I love Easter mass. So joyful!

This weekend my friends and I went to see Les Miserables on campus. I already saw it over Christmas break, but man, that is a good movie. Be warned: It’s a LOT of singing and it’s three hours long, so if musicals aren’t your thing, stay away.

On Sunday, I hung out and watched March Madness with Katie, Mariah, and Sam. We took over the TV room in Mehling and watched nonstop basketball…for 8 hours... We even ordered two pizzas from the commons so we wouldn’t have to leave (Katie has too many meal points anyway… a $29 meal didn’t even make a dent). By the end of the day, we had essentially trashed the TV room with all of our homework/garbage/snacks strewn about. We all agreed that our lazy Sunday had been a blast, and plus we got to watch a SICK upset when Florida Gulf Coast beat San Diego State!

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Shannon Danforth is a freshman Civil Engineering major from Bothell, Washington. She attended Bishop Blanchet High School. Shannon loves to bike, run, paint, listen to music, and, most importantly, write raps about Calculus. Her favorite thing about UP so far is the dessert selection at the commons. (Her new friends and teachers seem to be pretty cool too.) Shannon loves to read and her favorite author is J.D. Salinger. Feel free to strike up a book conversation with her anytime.