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Spring Break

So spring break is over now and being a junior...I know what happens next. The next 6 weeks will FLY BY in what feels like the blink of an eye, suddenly it'll be finals week, and then I'll be moving out of my room. It always gets a little hectic after break, but I think part of it is everyone's excitement for summer. There are always crazy fun plans for people, whether it's studying abroad in Europe for a few weeks, or a new internship at a big company!

Before I tell you about my break, I want to share a story that just happened. I have a big paper due on Tuesday, and I e-mailed my professor with a question about one of the sections. He replied with an answer, and then a few minutes later sent me a sample document with what pages to refer to for help. This was such a nice effort, and really demonstrates what it is like to be a student here. Professors CARE, they want you to SUCCEED. When I scored my internship for the summer, some of the first people I told were my professors and they were so excited to hear about what I'll be doing.

Alright, so spring break! I flew home to California with my boyfriend, and it was great to be in 80 degree weather with some sun. We went to the beach, saw a pretty villa by the coast, and ate delicious food! Here are some pictures because sometimes, words just don't cut it!

Original French-Dipped Sandwiches:

Here we are at the villa:

I flew back to campus early Thursday, and went to work at my on-campus job for the afternoon and all of Friday. I recommend getting a job on campus if you have the time and can handle it between classes, and not even for the money. It is just a nice break from studying and you get to meet even more people all the time. It helps to put on your resume of course, and you can use the people you meet with as references.

Now it's Sunday and I sit here with a pile of work to do that I avoided all week, but hey, isn't that exactly what spring break is for?! Hope you all had a nice pinch-free St. Patrick's day!!!

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Lia Samiee

Name: Lia Samiee

Class: Junior

Major: Global Business/Spanish

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Activities: Relay for Life Team Captain, Volunteering with the Moreau Center, University Tour Guide, School of Nursing Assistant

Favorite Professor: Dr. Holloway and Dr. Gudigantala     

Favorite Class: Management Information Systems

Favorite Commons Meal:  Pad Thai

Why I Chose UP: I liked that my class sizes would consist of around 23 students, because this way the professor would know my name on a more personal level. The students and staff were more than welcoming when I came for a tour, and if you have a chance to visit campus, I assure you'll feel the same way.

Favorite Thing About UP:  Definitely the resources available to students. We have a career center to help everyone develop professionally, a learning center that provides tutoring, and a service center for those who want to volunteer.

Advice for Prospective Students: I recommend trying to study abroad. It is very possible to do this and still graduate in four years. There are a variety of countries to choose from, all of which will give you a new perspective of yourself and the world.

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