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Registering for Senior Year

It seems like not that long ago, I showed up on the UP campus to move in for freshman year. Since then, I have been on a service trip to Alaska, studied abroad in Spain, and served as a chair, captain, and president of various clubs. The most recent addition to this list? Just registered for my final year of classes.

The very thought of it, even with it being a year away, makes me tear up. UP has given me so much, and one thing I want to talk about is something you can't learn from a textbook. It's something you have to learn from the professors who teach you, from the activities they what feels like force you to do, but only now does it all add up and make sense.

I'm talking about ethics. It is so very important, it's something we all use constantly, whether we realize it or not. I'm not a philosophy major by any means, but the decisions that I make, that affect others and steer the course of my life, this is highly determined by the education I'm receiving here at UP.

Professors have drilled into our heads the notion of being held accountable and responsible for our actions, and I am so very grateful for that. It's just something I've been thinking about lately, as I've been torn between a decision of which of 2 internships to accept for the summer. They both have their pros and cons, and thanks to what I've learned here, my ability to evaluate and analyze situations rationally is actually kind of incredible.

Coming up in 2 weeks the students here will participate in Founder's Day. This year, while for some is just a day off from school, actually means a lot to me. Every year my generous donor, who funds my scholarship to attend school here, comes to visit and have lunch with us. Without this man's aid, who did not even know me upon granting me the scholarship, I would not have attended UP. He has granted me much more of an education, but as I just mentioned, the strengthening of my character.

I believe in the mission of UP so much, and only hope that one day I can give back to show my appreciation in the way that so many donors already have.

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Lia Samiee

Name: Lia Samiee

Class: Junior

Major: Global Business/Spanish

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Activities: Relay for Life Team Captain, Volunteering with the Moreau Center, University Tour Guide, School of Nursing Assistant

Favorite Professor: Dr. Holloway and Dr. Gudigantala     

Favorite Class: Management Information Systems

Favorite Commons Meal:  Pad Thai

Why I Chose UP: I liked that my class sizes would consist of around 23 students, because this way the professor would know my name on a more personal level. The students and staff were more than welcoming when I came for a tour, and if you have a chance to visit campus, I assure you'll feel the same way.

Favorite Thing About UP:  Definitely the resources available to students. We have a career center to help everyone develop professionally, a learning center that provides tutoring, and a service center for those who want to volunteer.

Advice for Prospective Students: I recommend trying to study abroad. It is very possible to do this and still graduate in four years. There are a variety of countries to choose from, all of which will give you a new perspective of yourself and the world.

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