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Almost Done!

Wow, April just flew by and I have a lot to fill you in on!

A few weeks ago UP hosted Weekend on the Bluff, an event I'm sure many of you prospective freshmen may have been a part of! I spent the day giving tours to visiting families, and it was fun to be able to meet people from all over the country. Giving tours always reminds me of how exciting the whole process of selecting and receiving your residence hall assignment can be. No matter what hall you end up in, I can promise that some of the best friendships you form here on the bluff will be with your hallmates. This applies for so many people I know here on campus, simply because the people who live around you will be the ones you see most often. They'll probably be who you end up eating meals with, and also who you'll stay up until 2 AM with studying for a big exam. I definitely miss this aspect of living in the dorms, because now my friends and I are all split up in different houses off-campus rather than just a door's length away.

Other exciting news--I have a summer internship! I'll be interning with Fred Meyer, and I cannot wait to start. The University does a great job of providing students with information of open positions to apply for, and the opportunities are endless if you seek them out! Right now, though, I'm just writing my final papers and taking my final exams since we only have about a week of school left here on the Bluff!

Last week, the UP community participated in our Annual Relay for Life event here on campus. At this point we have raised about $35,000 for the American Cancer Society, an accomplishment we are very proud of! Relay for Life is a great way for people to come together because in all honesty, just about everyone has a story about someone they know who has been affected by cancer in one way or another.

I've been receiving emails from quite a bit of you, and I'm always happy to respond. At this point I bet most of you have already made your decision of where you'll be attending college this Fall, and no matter what, I wish you nothing but the best in what I hope will be the best four years of your life thus far!!!


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Lia Samiee

Name: Lia Samiee

Class: Junior

Major: Global Business/Spanish

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Activities: Relay for Life Team Captain, Volunteering with the Moreau Center, University Tour Guide, School of Nursing Assistant

Favorite Professor: Dr. Holloway and Dr. Gudigantala     

Favorite Class: Management Information Systems

Favorite Commons Meal:  Pad Thai

Why I Chose UP: I liked that my class sizes would consist of around 23 students, because this way the professor would know my name on a more personal level. The students and staff were more than welcoming when I came for a tour, and if you have a chance to visit campus, I assure you'll feel the same way.

Favorite Thing About UP:  Definitely the resources available to students. We have a career center to help everyone develop professionally, a learning center that provides tutoring, and a service center for those who want to volunteer.

Advice for Prospective Students: I recommend trying to study abroad. It is very possible to do this and still graduate in four years. There are a variety of countries to choose from, all of which will give you a new perspective of yourself and the world.

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