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This was the week where I ate lots of free food


For the next two weeks, I will be traveling almost nonstop. I will be spending a week exploring Scotland and England, then I will return to Ireland to go hiking in Connemara for a few days, and then I will finish off with a weekend in Venice. So, all in all, a pretty normal schedule for me thus far. In all seriousness, though, I couldn’t be more excited to get out into Europe, and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do so.


Last week, I spent most of my time trying to get ready for my adventures. I had several papers to finish before I left, so much of my time was occupied with long work sessions in the quaint cafes scattered throughout Galway. Also, my mom and stepdad were visiting this week, so I got the chance to show them around Galway and generally show off my worldly experience. It was great to have a little piece of home with me for a few days, and it made me realize that it has been well over three months since I left the States.


Another one of last week’s highlights was the Galway Food Festival. Several restaurants had free food tasting sessions planned throughout the weekend, and nothing could be more exciting for a starving college student. I got free coffee and pastries at a café on Saturday, and I also enjoyed a wine and beer tasting at one of the pub/restaurants near my apartment. All in all, with my belly full of free food and my thoughts full of anticipation for travel, I don’t think that I could be more content. 

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Ian Clark is a junior English and Philosophy major. He enjoys backpacking, snowshoeing and cycling, and he loves participating in UP's Outdoor Pursuits Program. In his free time (though he rarely ever has any), he enjoys writing, cooking, sampling pipe tobacco and drinking coffee on the academic quad on a brisk autumn morning. He is also currently studying in Galway, Ireland, and so he is trying to brush up on his knowledge of Irish life and culture. Finally, he really likes basset hound puppies and he thinks it's funny when they trip over their ears. 


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