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Intensivo classes began the first Monday after we all arrived in Granada. This month long course if meant to help us get submerged into the new culture and language better. We have a four hour class every week day where we learn grammar and Spanish phrases to help us from looking too foreign.

My professors names are Aurelio and Aurora, both are pretty cool and funny with their style of teaching. Professors in the states are awesome, professors here are awesome with a kick, and they say whatever is on their mind whenever they feel like it. Getting accustomed to these new phrases and actions in Spain is very interesting because believe it or not they're different from Latin America/the States which means that one thing to say there could be okay but not here.

We’re given a lot of free time after our classes which allows for us to explore the city a little better on our own. Aside from that we also get weekly or biweekly tours by our culture professor. These are the ones that relate to the class that he teaches so that we can have a visual of what we’re talking about in class.

At the end of the month, these classes will have helped us better prepare ourselves for the level in which we will be taking our other subject courses. I’m slowly waiting what my final schedule will be because there are so many classes that caught my attention when I was picking them out. Once I get my schedule, let the semester abroad begin!

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Fatima Ruiz Villatoro

Name: Fatima Ruiz Villatoro

Class: Sophomore

Major: Engineering Management and Spanish


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Activities: OLE, Coffee and Catholicism, Entrepreneurship Club, College Republicans


Favorite Professor: Dr. Male

Favorite Class: EGR 110

Favorite Commons Meal:  Salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables


Why I Chose UP: The campus was amazing and the community at this school was exactly what I wanted. I liked that my classes would be very small and I would be getting the right academic attention. I believe strongly in the mission of the school and I felt at home when I made my decision.

Favorite Thing About UP:  Close enough to home that I can go for a weekend, come back and not be totally exhausted. There are so many things to do in Portland and I like that we have a lot of studies abroad opportunities.


Advice for Prospective Students: Visit the school; you don't know what you're getting yourself into until you truly experience it.

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