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6 Weeks Down, One More Until Fall Break

One of the most interesting things about Portland is that you will never be bored with the weather. Every day is a surprise; I mean literally, every hour could even be a surprise. This week has been great. It started out raining a bit and at some points the sun managed to come out. Saturday was the best however, perfect weather, clear skies and just a tad bit chilly.

As excitement builds up for fall break everyone prepares for the hardest week of all so far. Time couldn’t come any faster for us to get closer and closer to this much waited for break. Many will be going off to their homes, vacation, visit friends, explore Oregon, as for me; I get to go to home to Seattle and visit my family. I’m so excited for that!

In order for fall break to happen, I must get through this week, which I have a feeling will be very tough. Two exams and papers to write, I cannot wait to be done with it all to take a break from school. It’s nice to go back home and take some time to relax and not worry too much about school for a bit. Almost like a mini refresher retreat for oneself.

The excitement will build on for most students on campus. Everyone needs a break from the storms of homework. Almost like how we all need a break from the same weather, Portland is a place where you will get tired of the same weather, mostly because the weather is always different. If there’s anything I would recommend bringing with you to college, it would be a good raincoat. Of all the possible weather that you could ever see, the one you will come across the most here in Portland would be rain.

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Fatima Ruiz Villatoro

Name: Fatima Ruiz Villatoro

Class: Sophomore

Major: Engineering Management and Spanish


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Activities: OLE, Coffee and Catholicism, Entrepreneurship Club, College Republicans


Favorite Professor: Dr. Male

Favorite Class: EGR 110

Favorite Commons Meal:  Salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables


Why I Chose UP: The campus was amazing and the community at this school was exactly what I wanted. I liked that my classes would be very small and I would be getting the right academic attention. I believe strongly in the mission of the school and I felt at home when I made my decision.

Favorite Thing About UP:  Close enough to home that I can go for a weekend, come back and not be totally exhausted. There are so many things to do in Portland and I like that we have a lot of studies abroad opportunities.


Advice for Prospective Students: Visit the school; you don't know what you're getting yourself into until you truly experience it.

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