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2014-2015 Executive Board


2013-2014 Senate

All full-time undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP), founded in its current form in 1949.  ASUP exists to provide an organization through which the needs and interests of students can be represented, by which extracurricular activities can be developed, and as a means to foster the recognition of students' rights and responsibilities.  For more information about the services or activities, or about the jobs and positions associated with these services and governing bodies, please contact ASUP.

ASUP is made up of the following groups and provides the following services:

ASUP 2014-2015 Executive Board

ASUP Student Senate

Campus Program Board


Pilot Express

Pilot Audio and Lighting

Espresso UP


ASUP also has committees directed to serve different aspects of the UP community.  These can be found in the "Senate" link to the left.  If you are interested in Campus Affairs, Health, Campus Security and Maintenance, just to name a few, join a committee.  The Chairs of the committee can be found after you click on "Senate," under the "Senators" link.


Financial Management Board Application 2014-2015.docx

Financial Management Board (FMB) serves under the ASUP Treasurer to allocate funds received from Student Government Fees to clubs and organizations on campus. Each semester, the FMB interviews clubs...

ASUP Senator Application 2014-2015.doc

Interested in representing your fellow students? Run for a position on Senate! There are positions for every residence hall, class, and college at University of Portland. If you have questions, please...

SENIORS!  Last Lecture.will be held on  April 23 rd   at  10pm  in BC Aud.   Prost with Profs will be  April 24 th  at  4pm  in the Board Room. Be sure to make your class gift of $20.14 to get an invite to the event as well as a beer stein and your will be enter you in a drawing for an EXTRA GRADUATION TICKET. -The...
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  -This May, IT will be increasing our bandwidth from 500Mbps to 1.5Gbps. IT is also currently exploring the use of Distributed Antenna Solutions, as well as upgrading our wireless access points to include both 3G and 4G in order to get better call service on campus.   -UP Seniors! A message from the Log Yearbook Staff: Get your senior photo taken this Friday,...
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